Plan to Getaway

I was reminded this week of how thoroughly positive it is to plan a getaway. Whether it be a family holiday or time away just with your spouse, be it a weekend or a week; having something to look forward to is an effective antidote to the humdrum of everyday life. Sometimes the mundane can become a depressingly long road seeming to stretch on forever, with no roadside reminders that ‘fun times’ are up ahead. But to take your daydreams of holiday destinations and turn them into solid plans, is to bring hope into the present, as you anticipate the good things to come.

It’s been a while since we went away as a family, the children were beginning to ask when? So when we told them of our plans, well… you can just imagine. Suddenly maps are out, airbnb is hot and everybody is a buzz with ideas. Life quickly switches from boring to exciting, as the possibilities of holiday happiness fill our imaginations.

I would never claim that family holidays equal bliss; I can call to mind many an experience that went horribly pear-shaped. (Dodgy accomodation, horrendous weather, fighting/complaining/sick kids, car breakdowns etc…) However, each holiday, whether successful or not, I remember with fondness. There is always a moment, an experience, a sight that I’ve never seen before, that becomes a mental hook on which I hang a happy thought. It’s because of this, that the thought of getting away again is so mentally positive. As Mrs Bennet in Pride and Prejudice so aptly says, “A little sea bathing would set me up for life!”.

Indeed, the pleasure of anticipation can often rival the actual event; giving you a double dose of positivity. If the holiday is super good, then a triple dose of good medicine is injected into the monotony of family life. The happy memory of time away, lingers in your consciousness like the satisfying aftertaste of your favourite meal.

It’s also been positive to include the kids in the planning of the holiday activities. Gone are the days of dictating the holiday agenda; hoping they’ll all enjoy what you’ve organised. As each child has had a opportunity to voice what they’d like to do, it’s encouraged ownership and fostered community. A big tick in the box of positive things to do with your kids.

So, if it’s been too long since you last got away, why not plan…