Keep Calm and Eat Cake

I’ve always been a big believer in treats. A little something that is a source of enjoyment, an activity that makes a positive impact on my week; replenishing my depleted self and a little buffer against life’s storms. Treats don’t always need to equal food; there are many activities that can be a source of pleasure: time with friends, reading, gardening, exercise, movies…the list is endless. However, cooking and eating sweet things is one of my life’s little joys. I enjoy baking for my family, baking alongside my daughters, eating my sister’s baking and ambient coffee shops with enticing baking in their display windows. Note: I also enjoy great coffee and interesting tea.

There is something very emotive about food memories. Who you were with, where you were and what you ate can conjure up happy thoughts, and in that mindful moment a sense of gratitude can encourage you that life isn’t always so bad. So I would like to share with you recipes I like to bake and my family like to eat. Also tipping coffee shops and tea houses that boast great ambience, delicious sweets and excellent drinks that I consider places worthy of a visit. Be inspired to Keep Calm and Eat Cake.